The Most Flexible Way to Rent, Buy and Manage Real Estate Assets in Africa

The solution to affordable housing starts with making it easy for everyone to rent and to own real estate assests, without breaking the bank. It starts here!

The right Apartment, for the right Price

Zero agency & legal fees

Enough of the extortions, rent your preferred space on Gidavest and pay zero agency and legal fees. It's your right to have a roof over your head without breaking the bank.

Flexible payments.

Do you desire to pay your rent monthly or even daily as you earn? We're here to make your life easier. From short let Apartments, Regular Residential accommodations, to office spaces, we ensure you have the best experience in your search for a space you can call home

Responsible Landlords

We have the most comprehensive database of responsible Landlords in Nigeria. Landlords that won't show up only when the next rent is due. Landlords that'll prioritize your comfort and ensure they respond to your maintenance request promptly.



Whether you are looking to buy a house of your own or you just love the idea of investing in real estate, even if you don't have so much money, we got you covered. Now you can easily co-own high yield rental properties with friends and family and earn rental income that you'll be proud of. Our technology ensures that you have nothing to fear.


Our VOTING feature ensures that nothing happens with the property without your input, as everyone votes for collective decision making on the property. Also the fact that you are co-owning the properties with people you know, like your work colleagues, your friends and families, means that you have enormous control over it, and the safe keeping of the property documents in the bank or otherwise can easily be decided


Google map integration to drive you to project site for due diligence, a feature packed interactive user dashboard, and the ability to vote for collective decision making on the property. All are veritable features that makes Gidavest platform the real deal. 


Should you want to convert your asset into cash, you can do that at any time by reselling your stake to other co-owners and users on the platform with ease, at even a higher rate than you bought it. 

Trusted Developers & Verified Properties

Only properties from popular and trusted Developers make it to our platform, and all properties are diligently verified before being featured, to avoid future issues. If you own a property stake on Gidavest, you own peace of mind.

Featured Investment Deals

Dear landlord! there's a better way to manage your properties, & to collect your rent without a fight

A comprehensive information about your tenants and the ability to verify them, Automatic deduction from their bank account when their rent is due, a seamless correspondence with them through an effective and retractable communication channel, are some of the features of the Gidavest platform you'll fall in love with, that'll give you peace of mind.

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