You should not struggle to collect your rent, for a property that belongs to you!

At Gidavest, we value the efforts you put into owning that rental property(s), collecting your rent promptly from the people that rent them is your right, rather than a privilege.

our novel technology allows you to list, manage and collect your rental payment seamlessly, without needing a lawyer!


Don't Hand Over the Keys yet, Until you Know Them Well!

You know the kind of tenants you want in your property, we ensure you get them at all time. He can't tell you he works at CBN when in fact he is a "yahoo boy" or a ritualist. Give your house to responsible people and people that won't put you into trouble. The best way to prevent fight and avoid stories when it's time to renew their rent is by having where to hold them, and what better way than having their information and knowing so much about them. our system ensures you have access to the full information about a prospective tenant and makes it easy to do your due diligence before giving them the green light to pay for the accommodation. It's a win-win for everyone.

You don't need to call before they pay!

Our system automatically debits the bank account of your tenants when their rent is due and credits you without you moving a hand. We are building a database of tenants that are happy and eager to pay their rent even before it is due.

You Don't Even Need a Lawyer!

Having the right tools does not only make it easy for you to manage your rental property but it ensures that the tenants will have no choice but to pay their rent when it's due. Also, our team of expert mediators are fully on ground to ensure that they don't have to mediate only when a problem comes between you and your tenants - They do their work to ensure that problems does'nt come, as much as possible. And when it does innevitably, we are ever ready to stand with you till the end.